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Narmer-Engsim's Aerated Cyclonic Extractor, or ACE (Fast Flotation), has a multitude of applications, from collecting microalgae for biofuel to ultrafine mineral separation.


The ACE Hydrocyclone is able to efficiently separate and refine fine/ultrafine minerals. With froth flotation tanks the massive infrastructure required is costly and can make repairs complicated. With ACE, Namer-Engsim reduces needed infrastructure and footprint by 90%. ACE comes on a portable standard trailer with multiple units, which makes transporting the assembly easy. The simple design makes problems easy to fix and recognize. 

Each unit has standby hydrocyclones that guarantees the continuity of the separation process even during the repair/maintenance process.

Here are just some of the minerals ACE is able to separate:

  • Coal (experimental results here)

  • Copper

  • Lithium

  • Placer Gold


Oil Water

Oil-water mixtures are common in oil extraction sites, mining industries, and large naval bodies. The oil-water mixtures cannot be released into the environment without first separating the two liquids. The ACE Hydrocyclone excels at this simple, yet crucial process. ACE can quickly separate the mixture, store the oil and release the water back into the environment. The water released exceeds the purification standards set by the United States government and the European Union.

The ACE Hydrocyclone can also be applied to sand oil mixtures. This separation process is very common in Canada, however, this industry produces world-leading carbon emissions. With ACE, this process can be more efficient and cleaner, allowing for more efficient oil removal while also conserving the environment that the sand mining and refinement is taking place.



With global warming and emissions on the rise, alternative fuels are being researched every day to keep humanity moving forward. Microalgae is a key and necessary ingredient for bio-fuel, however separating it can be challenging.

  • As a part of Narmer-Engsims mission to engineer a greener and better tomorrow, we aim to reduce the price of biofuel to $3 per gallon by scaling extraction using our ACE hydrocyclone and helping large scale production of biofuel.


Environmental Applications

Narmer-Engsim's ACE Hydrocyclone is a separation device that aims to take on the worlds toughest challenges. As we move towards green efforts, such as our commitment to microalgae extraction, we look to apply our technology in every field where we can have an impact. Here are just a few environmental applications of the ACE Hydrocyclone.

  • Bilge water refinement

  • Oil separation from spills and ecological contamination

  • Lithium-ion recycling

  • Material separation for recycling/reuse purposes

Image by USGS
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