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We provide fast froth flotation technology

Narmer-Engsim is a startup company based out of Blacksburg Virginia focused on developing fast froth flotation systems using aerated hydrocyclone. Our work is motivated by the desire to develop and improve separation efficiency and economics of fine and ultra-fine material in water. Our technology can meet various challenges for different fields of industry such as minerals procesing (fine/ultrafine minerals), Li-ion recycling, water/wastewater treatment, de-oiling and pulp-paper de-inking.

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We provide new fast separation technology that utilizes the concept of cyclonic-froth separation. We aim to produce technologies that reduce costs and power consumption for industries around the globe.


From green implementations (such as wastewater purification, micro-algae separation for bio-fuel and water de-oiling)  to applications in the various mining industries, our technology aims to create a better future for industries and the world.

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